Collision Quarterly magazine Spring 2011

Toxic chemicals, dust, jagged metal and broken glass, loud noise-these are the potential hazards that auto body workers face on a daily basis. Despite the hazards, a well-run shop that adheres to the safety regulations can get the job done safely.
Donn Dean Collision Ltd. in Burnaby BC is a great example of this.

That's because the 63 year-old Burnaby company isn't afraid to do what it takes to ensure a healthy, safe workplace. That means providing a clean, well-lit facility,up-to-date equipment, worker training, and safety gear. No small task for a shop that employs
8 workers in an 8,400-square-foot facility, But then, Donn Dean is considered one of the pioneers in the industry.

They always strive to be on top of technology. Back in 1989 the company bought two down draft infrared painting booths, which provided cleaner airflow and a safer workspace for paint technicians.
The company also installed dust-extraction systems to help minimize the dust
generated by bodywork.

The paint booths have recently been refitted to accomodate the waterborne system.
Donn Dean also emphasizes worker education and training. When they hire a new employee, they provide a handbook that lays out safety rules and other company information. The new person is mentored directly by a journeyman.
The company wants to ensure employees understand the issues involved in their jobs so they're not putting themselves or other workers in danger.
Like many companies, the company supplies all the necessary safety equipment to its employees.

Other prevention efforts include monthly safety meetings, random walk-through inspections, and working with their local WorkSafeBC officer to keep them on the right track.
The management recognizes that newer technology and training costs money, but it also knows that the cost is outweighed by the benefits of a safe workplace.
This approach ensures that the staff is safe and happy, which cuts down on time
and money spent dealing with accidents and injuries, rehiring and retraining expenses.

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